Coaching for Wellness in the Energy Body

Group Course begins on May 1, 2018

8-9pm EST

We meet once every other week via zoom and focus on the following: 

Understand your relationship with the energy body

Add self-care rituals to re-organize your energy body
Conscious awareness and exploration every chakra and how it relates to your well-being
Learn to use ancient tools for total transformation of your body, mind, and spirit


What you will Receive

Five 60-minute coaching sessions – meetings are twice a month, via Zoom

Guidance and steps for adding these teachings to your life

Lifestyle and food recommendations for balancing your chakras

Guided meditations, breath and movement practices and nourishing self-care practices

Email support & accountability throughout your journey

Group Sessions: 8-9pm EST

Session 1 May 1 Exploring Roots and Relationships

Session 2 May 8 Harnessing Personal Power

Session 3 May 15 Opening the Heart

Session 4 May 22 Dissolving Illusions and Awakening Intuition

Session 5 May 29 Transcending and Opening the Crown



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