Health is not just the absence of disease but a wholeness that involves physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.”


Women are deeply relational. We are by design the creators of harmony, nurturance, and connection. How we women handle our relationships affects all other areas of life. If our relationships are in disharmony, then our life itself feels like it is out of balance. The one thing that most women struggle with is pain from difficult relationships. Be it a marriage, parent or partner, women tend to internalize the pain and create great suffering for themselves.

We become deeply attached to our stories. Many of us remain in the place of our stories of righteousness, injustice, victimhood, and indignation. Perhaps you are in the “blame” mode or carry deep resentment in your silence. Maybe you are considering leaving the relationship. Maybe you have been gaining weight or losing weight. Is your drive dampened? Are you sluggish from stagnant and unexpressed emotions? There may be other scenarios in your personal situation.

Regardless, if you are waking up and feeling despair, sadness, and anger, with a body that reflects this pain, your heart and soul is asking for healing.

Our first responsibility is to ourselves.

We must first look within and discover our true identity.

And allow all relationships to spring forth from this place.

This is healing.

This is sovereignty.

This is freedom.

My pratice offers practical spiritual techniques for transforming yourself. Healing comes in the form of deep self-awareness and self-care. This can lead to clarity. You can begin to open your heart and now your actions and thoughts will come from a place of congruency, integrity, and love.

Emotional healing along with spiritual mentoring is a way for you to be fully supported in re-aligning yourself your higher self while grounding and balancing the body, mind, and soul.

I’ve been working with women for over ten years and more recently men as well. In my own personal karmic evolution, much of my work has been through relationship. I have endured divorce, financial hardship, complete loss of empowerment and self-esteem and health issues. Some of the things I have overcome include the fear of expression, forgiveness, judgment and holding back from fear. It has taken years of polishing the ego and sacrifice to arrive at tenderness, open heart and being WILLING to be love.

If you are willing to walk through the beautiful fire of transformation, who you will find on the other side will astound you.

How your body, mind, and heart will feel will be magnificent.

The way you walk this earth will be an emanation of fulfillment and beauty.

Become masterful at understanding the needs of your body, mind, and heart.

Express your devotion by applying spiritual and yogic tools to your everyday life.

Learn to release emotional patterns that are holding you back.

Practice self-expression in a safe space with me before taking it your personal situation.

“Aparna holds you while teaching you to be held, allowing healing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually through her connection to the Divine. Because of her support, I am off all my medications now and I have never been more vibrant and grounded.” – T.K, California

“The work I’ve done with Aparna has completely changed the way I view myself and the world around me. With her guidance I now live an inspired and joyful life. To me, she is an invaluable source of wisdom and light.” – K.B, California

“I started working weekly with Aparna in 2016. I knew I was transitioning into a new chapter in my life. Her mentorship has helped me to dig deep, see through the veil, and surrender into freedom. I’m eternally grateful to Aparna for her guidance, wisdom and pure love for all of humanity.”

M.W, California

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