Health is not just absence of disease but a wholeness that involves physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.”


Spirituality is not something we only do on a mat or on a meditation cushion. It is a daily practice of care for our body, mind, and spirit to deepen our connection to the process of life itself. If you are hungry for this evolution and joy and are willing to explore both light and shadow, I welcome you on this mystical journey with me. You can mix and match the offerings to suit your needs.

There are three main categories of offerings:

Awakening Your Body Wisdom – through nutrition, Asana, and other self-care practices

Awakening the Power of Breath to Heal the Mind – through Pranayama and Healing Breath

Harmonizing the Energy Body – through various Yogic processes 

Sessions are weekly and are one-hour long.

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Learn to reorganize your relationship with food and nourishing self-care rituals for your body

Dive into awakening your inner wisdom about food and health

Connect with the elements and seasons to understand and meet the needs of your body

Discover ancient tools for optimal digestion and energy

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“Thank you for the remedies you gave me for my anxiety and stress-related issues. Earlier I would sleep for maybe 3 – 4 hours with difficulty. Since working with you, I feel much more relaxed and sleep better….. close to 6 – 7 hours of blissful deep slumber.”

Nimish Y, Entrepreneur, Mysore, India


Strengthen your relationship with your breath by adding energy boosting techniques

Awaken the innate intelligence of the mind and energize your senses

Purify the mind and emotions and enhance personal power

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A cleanse is not about fasting and deprivation. During this cleanse we select food that detox the body and the mind. and nourish the body with foods that Mother Nature already provides for us in the Spring and Autumn seasons.
This cleanse is 100% plant-based.


Understand your relationship to the energy body and add self-care rituals to harmonize your energy system

Awaken your inner wisdom by harnessing the power of your chakras

Learn to use ancient tools for the transformation of your body, mind, and spirit

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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Because I put my heart and soul into every session and offering I create, I ask that you commit 100% to your full participation before you book a session with me.

My cancellation and refund policy are in place to guarantee the fair allocation of slots for clients who are ready to commit to a deeper dive into their well-being and spiritual awakening.

Your registration payment to Aparna Khanolkar is not refundable or returnable or transferable to another person. No exceptions.  Please register with full awareness of the agreement and commitment you are entering into.

Payment via Paypal or Venmo or check must be completed before a session.

By completing your payment, you have agreed to my refund terms and conditions. Thank you for your commitment to your health and wellness.