Subtle Healing for the Body and Mind

I received my very first oil massage when I was just a few days old. When I gave birth to my babies, I along with my babies received nurturing daily postpartum oily massages. Postpartum massage and baby oil massage is a beautiful practice in India. During my teens, when I had my consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor for acne, he sent me home with a large amber glass bottle filled with aromatic, herbal oil for self-massage. You can say that herbal oil has been an integral part of my lifestyle.

I have been practicing ABHYANGA or oily self-massage for most of my adult life. I massaged my babies for over a year each. I still give them oily head massages. You can use any oil for massages, such as sesame, sunflower, and mustard. But the potency of the oil is far greater when herbs are added to it.

I created Ishvari products to offer my handmade non-toxic herbal excellence to you. These ancient techniques of preparing oils and balms are a beautiful way to rejuvenate and restore our bodies. Each of the Ishvari products is cooked with herbs that pacify, soothe and invigorate your skin. Our skin is the largest organ and it will drink the oil and digest it so I use only organic oils and herbs. I use high-quality essential oils to further boost the power of the oils. After years of cultivating beautiful rituals for myself and making products for clients, I decided to dedicate a large chunk of my time and passion to making these handcrafted Ayurvedic products to bring the nurturing wisdom of timeless traditions to you.

Ishvari is an artisan line of small-batch, organic skin care and massage oil company that I created in 2017. I use ancient techniques of making products that are still in use in India. I only prepare one gallon of herbalized oil at a time and small batches of all other products. Each package is stamped with a “made on” stamp to ensure freshness.


Who is Ishvari?

Ishvari is the beautiful and feminine counterpart of Shiva, the divine masculine. I want the energy of Ishvari to evoke and invoke beauty, femininity, grace, nurturance, and love in you. That is why I call my products ISHVARI. 

The body is divinely intelligent, and when we connect to it through touch, we will know how to care for ourselves. Touch and warm oil are a beautiful therapeutic combination for self-care and nurturance and is also known to release oxytocin. All products are formulated using Ayurvedic principles. Balance and beauty, therefore, is experienced from understanding and honoring the doshic uniqueness of the individual.

If you don’t know which oil to choose, be sure to take the Dosha Quiz to learn more about your tendencies.

Dosha Quiz

“Ishvari oils by Aparna are AMAZING!

I am usually quite sensitive to even organic essential oil fragranced products and these oils are just perfectly balanced! They definitely calmed the vata and pitta! They absorb quickly and readily and my skin feels like satin after using them. My husband loves them too. You can definitely feel the love that goes into these products. Thanks  Aparna!”

– Pamela McDonough, Astrologer and Yantra Artist

Face Oil 

This luxurious face oil is a hydrating nectar for the face. Made with sesame oil, red Sandalwood powder, Manjistha, Vetivert root, Dashamula, Neem, Licorice, Shatavari and Sandalwood powder and it is lightly infused with Vetivert attar. Massage five drops gently at night on damp skin for a soft and hydrated face.

“I love my facial oil!! Since using it I’ve noticed an increased elasticity and resilience in my skin. Its texture is smoother, softer and fine lines are disappearing! Plus I love the fragrance of Sandalwood and Vetivert. So calming!

-Stacie Clenet – Herbalist and Massage Therapist

“This face oil is magic. My skin craves it. I get compliments daily on how vibrant my skin looks. And the fragrance is from the earth and divine like a magic potion some goddess concocted deep in the mists of the forest a long time ago.”

-Mia Ximena – Entrepreneur and Yogini

“I love the Ishvari face oil so much. I’m allergic to most face products and since her oil is all natural ingredients, my skin always feels hydrated and radiant. I use it day and night. I’m hooked, thank you Aparna!”

-Rika Traxler – Dancer and Designer 


If you are dry and have rough skin, choose Vata

Infused with the herbs Licorice, Bala, and Shatavari, this sesame oil blend will purify and strengthen you.

Governed by the elements of air and space, Vata dominant people tend to struggle with dryness. Use this herbal blend to oleate, nourish and hydrate your skin.


If you are hot and inflamed, choose Pitta

The healing benefits of the herbs Ashwagandha, Manjistha, and Bramhi enrich the sunflower oil base.

Governed by the elements of fire and water, Pitta dominant people may suffer from red and inflamed skin. Use this herbal blend to cool, nourish and soothe your skin.



If you need stimulation, choose Kapha

The herbs Punarnava, Neem, and Calamus, are infused into sesame and sunflower oils.

Governed by the elements of water and earth, Kapha dominant people are by nature prone to congestion and oily skin. Use this herbal blend to energize, and wake up your skin.

Scalp Oil

Nourish your scalp with this luxurious oil made with pure fractionated organic coconut oil, Fenugreek seeds, Curry leaves, Neem and Bhringaraj, Brahmi and Lavender oil. Warm this oil and apply to the scalp and leave overnight before shampooing for maximum benefit.

Sleep Balm 

A perfect balm for softening and healing cracked heels while allowing restorative herbs to soothe and prepare you for blissful sleep. Absorb the healing benefits of organic Bramhi, Tulsi, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Bala, and Fennel infused into organic shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil with lavender and rosemary oils.

Heart Bliss Balm 

A small amount of this balm gently massaged on your heart chakra will release old stuck emotions and open the heart to greater love and compassion. Filled with the cleansing and fortifying power of sandalwood, Arjuna, Neem, Brahmi, Tulsi, Amalaki in shea butter and coconut oil with Mint and lavender oils, this subtle balm for your heart is bliss-inducing.


Nasya Oil 

Soothe your nasal passages with this herb-infused oil and enjoy the added benefit of mental clarity and enhanced prana vitality in the mind. Cooked in sesame oil with Shatavari, Cardamom, Tulsi, Bramhi, Calamus, Sandalwood, Turmeric, Licorice, Vetivert root and Eucalyptus oil. Apply 2-3 drops on your pinky finger and massage the inside of the nostrils or tilt your head and drop about 5 drops in each nostril and sniff so oil can move into the sinus cavities.

“This is my first time using the Nasya oil. I’m already in love with it. I used the oil last night and could immediately feel the congestion clearing. As I’m prone to cold/congestion this is truly a miracle oil for me. It comes with detailed instructions as well which are handy for first-time users. I highly recommend to try this product, you won’t be disappointed.”

Neena Shetty, Artist, Foster City, CA 

“I was recently introduced to ishvari, nasal oil. I use it daily in my morning routine. The smell of the oil is very healing to me. I also love the fact that it’s made in small batches that make it extra special. The oil has relieved my dryness in my nose. Energy wise I feel more calm and stable. I would highly recommend trying it.”

Lisa Tauber Yogini, Los Angeles

Body Scrubs

Once a week exfoliate the skin with dosha specific scrubs. Each jar contains Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salt, sweet Almond oil and flowers, and essential oils to soothe each dosha.

Vata Scrub contains Chamomile and calendula flowers, Chamomile, and Lavender essential oils.

Pitta Scrub contains Rose petals, Rose powder, Ylang-ylang, and Sweet Orange essential oils.

Kapha Scrub contains dried Rosemary and Lavender flowers, and Rosemary and Lavender essential oils.

Tongue Scraper 

As part of your morning self-care routine, scrape your tongue with this 100% pure copper tongue scraper for fresh breath and to awaken your taste buds. Remove the toxins or coating on your tongue before swishing oil in your mouth for Gandusha.


One of the oldest rituals of self-care in Ayurveda is the “abhyanga” or oil self-massage. Taking time each day or a few days a week to nourish the skin has tremendous benefits for circulation, hormonal balance, stress relief and adds a beautiful glow to your skin. It is a great way to keep the skin healthy and youthful.  


Anointing: Heat about 1-2 oz of the oil to a temperature slightly above body temperature and apply to the entire body before your shower. The best way to massage yourself with this oil is to use long strokes on arms and legs, and circular motions on the joints including wrists and ankles, chest and belly.

Watch our short video on how to anoint yourself with oil for a nurturing and relaxing experience. Make this your ritual for self-care. Taking a hot bath after anointing yourself allows for the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissues. If not, be sure to take a hot shower afterward.


Here is my self-massage video:


All herbs and base oils are 100% organic. Honoring the tradition of Ayurveda, all products are natural and come from the earth. All the oils are made in small batches to retain purity and freshness.

We believe that our products are safer than chemically produced beauty products and here are some precautions to consider when using essential oils. Never use these products in your eyes or mucous membranes.

Don’t drink Ishvari products or use internally.

Keep away from young children.

100% plant based
Gluten free
Free of synthetic fragrances, perfumes or dyes
Chemical free

I make all the oils a few bottles at a time in Michigan, USA.

Each box is date-stamped for freshness. 

All products are for external use only. 

We are happy to replace any product damaged in transit.

However, due to the nature of our products we cannot accept returns.

I do my very best to strain out all herbal sediments in the oil from the cooking process.

Please note some residual particles may appear on the bottom of the bottle because of minimal processing of the oil.

If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.
Store in a cool, dark and dry place.
Since this product contains only pure ingredients, please use within 3-6 months.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases, or illnesses.