Private Chef

Enjoy Aparna’s eclectic cooking in your home weekly, bi-weekly or even occasionally. Menus range from California fresh, gluten and dairy-free, Indian, Ayurvedic, Plant-based Raw Foods and Asian-inspired foods.

Menu Consulting and Cooking Classes: Our closest connection to Nature is through the food we eat. Each piece of food we eat is transformed into our physical bodies. For the proper assimilation of nutrients, we need to eat the correct foods for us. If you have a prescribed diet by your doctor, Aparna can create custom menu for you to suit your nutritional and budgetary needs. She can also teach you how to cook those foods.


Aparna is available for Ayurveda, dance and spiritual retreats in Spain, Italy, India and in the U.S. for guests up to 20 participants. She is also available to perform Indian classical dance at your retreat and to teach Ayurveda workshops and lead meditations.

Email here : for queries and availability.


Temple Dance Retreat: Mysore, India | December 14-21, 2017

“Aparna’s cooking is heavenly.

Her authenticity, love, and creativity shines through during every sumptuous bite.” 

– Max Simon, Chopra Center, Carlsbad

“I feel tremendously blessed that Aparna has been the sole chef for my mastermind retreats in Santa Barbara for years. The love, sparkle and magic she adds to everything she creates makes it impossible for me to imagine ever working with another chef. Her food is medicine, it is beauty way, it is grace. I am always delighted with the colors, the flavors and the love – and am honored to co-create with her to provide nourishing experiences for my most cherished clients. I cannot recommend Aparna’s magic enough.” – Lindsay Pera, Intuitive Strategist and founder of the Mystic’s Society