purify PURIFY + HEAL


Why cleanse?

Spring: Cleanse toxic build-up from winter
Autumn: Prepare body/mind for winter

We periodically clean our cars and homes so they do not accumulate waste, dirt and soot. Why wouldn’t we cleanse our body/mind regularly?

When was the last time you cleaned you internal organs, your mind and your spirit?

Let go of all the excess be it plaque, phlegm, waste in the colon or waste in your mind.

Give your body/mind a break. GENTLY. How?

Purify + Heal is a gentle home cleanse that transforms your health through:

  • Delicious Densely-Nourishing Food (cooking has never been easier or more delicious!)
  • Simple BUT Luxurious Lifestyle Habits (connect to the power of simplicity, silence and solace)
  • Organic Herbs for Internal Cleansing (your colon will thank you for this!)
  • Self-Massage (glowing skin and hormone balancing)

To complement your cleanse, I offer luxurious ancient treatments on my clients.

Think hot oil massage for the full body.
Think warm oil streamed with great devotion for your third eye.

No cleanse in India is complete without treatments.

You see, this body is your temple, your heart and soul are waiting to soar. They operate as one unit. If your body is bulky, clogged up and lethargic, you are holding yourself back.

You might have bodily karma or emotional karma or mental karma. This cleanse will help you deal with all of your repetitive karmic patterns be it over-eating, over-thinking, disconnect from your true Nature. You CAN have glowing, radiant health.

Are you ready? Give me a call or email me. Be curious. I’m happy to answer all your questions. You’ll bask in your own glow after the cleanse.


Or 805-364-0225