From Karma to Dharma

Wouldn’t you love to speak your truth and emphatically say eyes to what you want as a woman?

Wouldn’t you love to make daily self-care non-negotiable?

Can you see yourself as the woman who knows herself well enough that she knows what to do?

Are you once and for all ready to give up your excuses from becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be?

Imagine a life where you are not enslaved by your karma and you experience your true consciousness every single day. Imagine knowing the distinct art of pleasing yourself AND pleasing others. Imagine feeling sassy, radiant, self-assured and confident and secure and knowing you have the freedom to say, no. You will see a twinkle in your eyes as you bring back the pleasure from feeling your body.

It is possible to be in full integrity, honor your commitments to yourself and stand in your full power, pleasure and presence. Everything falls into place in this energy. This is what Self love means. I invite you to join my program: Loving Yourself First From Karma to Dharma.

To see if this program is for you, please contact me at for a complimentary 45 minute discovery session.

You see, I was one of these women who had an unconscious commitment to suffering and strife. I worked hard, cooked, cleaned, raised my young children single-handedly. At the end of the day, I was exhausted and empty. I did not know what self-love was did not have self-care practices either.

I was in this state for years before I studied Ayurveda and applied its wisdom to my life. I yearned for self-discovery, truth, pleasure and inner power. Loving yourself is the doorway to loving another. When you are the juicy container for your love and happiness, an intimate relationship is the dessert that can you can savor and relish. You alone can fulfill yourself. Through this program you will learn exactly how.

I studied with many teachers, mentors and read many books. I became a Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor. I meditated, looked at my karmic patterns and had many epiphanies on transforming my life. I know that we can’t escape our karma. However, I do know that we can transform our karma with greater authenticity, peace and truth.

The circumstances of my own life have led me to great transformation and vision. I am crusader for the spiritual empowerment of women. I am a catalyst for your deep transformation and self-love. Get ready to fall in love with yourself.

  • Deeper integrity and commitment to yourself goodbye self-doubt. Hello self-trust.
  • Freedom to be YOU no more people pleasing.
  • Release of old patterns from your lineage run your life with clean fuel.
  • Raising the bar of feeling more like a woman know yourself and ask for what you want.
  • Re-ignited flames of your desires go out there or in and get it done.

Your new mantra: I am so in love with life and feel completely fulfilled by who I am.

Walk your path with dignity, power, beauty, sexiness and sassiness without compromising who YOU are. Lose the fear of being beautiful. Enjoy the feeling of your own beauty.

If you are on the brink of a breakthrough, I am your midwife for this re-birth. This is THE program for women to get personalized guidance, coaching for Loving Yourself First. It doesn’t matter what kind of childhood you had or what kind of men you have dated. If you have a willingness to love yourself, you are ready for this program.

I started this program feeling depleted, worn-out, stressed and without any sense of joy or expansion. It was Aparna’s security and clear, wise voice of passion that stirred something in me.This was the hope I carried with me into eight transformational weeks of self discovery. And what I found on the other side of this program was far beyond what I dreamed I would ever find within myself.

You will find You. And you will become yourself. And you will love what you find. In that becoming and returning Home to You; you will find such trust and love and truth that stems from the innermost source of who you are. And you are beautiful. And you are divine. And you are love.

Working with Aparna has been a transformative, life-changing experience. I have been led by the hand by a true Feminine Master. Her compassion and gentle guidance will lead you into the flames and beyond. She will hold your hand in deep wisdom and respect as you cross over the fear and trepidation and find the love for yourself that awaits you on the other side. I wish every single human being would do this work. Thank you, Aparna, for showing me myself.M.K.A., Norway

To put into words these past eight weeks with Aparna, I would begin with blessing, soaring, triumph. What began with tears and peeling back years of forgotten memories transformed into sweet resounding healing and manifestation awakened.

Week after week we combed through my past in order to love myself then, now, and in the future. She was always present, always witness to my development, and a bringer of light even when I felt as though I could fail.

Aparna brings to life all of your ancestors and patches the quilt of your karma to show you the being you are on this earth to be and soar to your greatest heights you ever imagined possible. I can truly recommend this program to all who seek to unlock your ancestral programming, love yourself first so that you can truly love others and see your highest potential actualized in this life.Kathryn Burns, Santa Barbara

I have spent years creating events and workshops for women. Loving Yourself First is a comprehensive program that requires your full commitment and truth so you can open up and radiate love from within.

This is not a program for those who are not feeling a nagging sense of discomfort in their inner landscape. If you are eager to take charge of your destiny, this program is perfect for you. You see, once you a make a commitment the universe will support you in every way. Be prepared to be held accountable lovingly. You will be called upon to dig deep and climb high.

Your truth, your love and authenticity is what brings great change in your life. As one of my mentors says, there are no problems, only greater truths to be revealed. Are you ready for truth, freedom, pleasure, real love, soft strength?

I welcome you to this program.

If you are a woman who is once and for all ready to give up your excuses from becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be, this is THE program for you. I stand in the truth of this desire that every woman carries with her. You are ready to take the leap into your feminine fullness and cultivate pleasure, presence, self-trust and freedom.

Don’t wait any longer. Email me for a 45-minute no-cost strategy session to see if this program is for you.

When you register for my program, you will receive a form via email. Fill it out and return it to me. We will make an appointment to meet in person.

After our initial conversation, you will receive your beautiful customized workbook. Each week, we will meet during our time and work through various topics and inquiries. On the last day we will end with a guided meditation and fire ritual. This completes your 8 week program.

Payment info:
Cost: $2495
Location: In Santa Barbara. If you decide to come to Santa Barbara for a week to work with me in this program, I will help you arrange for accommodations.

Payment can be arranged via check or via PayPal by clicking the Buy Now button.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me or phone me at 805-364-0225 for more information.